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Rehab Protocols

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Patients get free use of RehabModule™ in a participating healthcare or fitness professional's facility and also get free 24/7 access to the same rehab protocols from outside of the facility. If your healthcare or fitness professional does not currently use RehabModule, let them know about it with this printable fact sheet: (PDF)Download the PDF.

In A Facility
Use RehabModule at your healthcare or fitness professional's facility.
They will give you a rehab prescription (Sample) with a Web address to access their RehabModule Web page from outside the facility.
Free Anywhere, Anytime
Now you have free 24/7 access to your healthcare or fitness professional's RehabModule software from home, work or on the road.

Side Bends

A complete rehab protocol
All 8 of our rehab protocols include a complete program of physician reviewed exercises and stretches needed for your rehab.
Free for Patients
Patients get free 24/7 access to RehabModule in a professional facility and in their home, work or on the road.


main benefits

Educational content that can make a meaningful difference in a patient's recovery

Complicated rehab becomes easy to understand and improves confidence and comfort
Biomechanically correct exercises that reduce the chance of injury or reinjury
Internet based resource provides free 24/7 convenience

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