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Rehab Protocols

Does RehabModule take the place of a heathcare or fitness professional?
No, RehabModule is meant to supplement the care you are getting from a professional. They will use RehabModule in their facility as an audio/visual aid that will serve as an at-home reference after you leave. This helps you make better use of the time between visits to their facility.
Does RehabModule come with any guarantees?
We do not guarantee RehabModule will improve your condition. A patientís condition may in some cases worsen while using a rehabilitation protocol. If your condition persists or worsens while using RehabModule, see your healthcare provider immediately.
What is needed to use RehabModule?
Patients use RehabModule for free at their professional's facility and anywhere outside the facility. This process is described within the Patient section. Technical requirements include an Internet connection (broadband preferred but not essential), a common Web browser such as Internet Explorer, and Flash player version 6 or above.
What is Flash for?
The Flash player is a browser plug-in available to 97% of Internet users that enables them to experience rich media on the Web. If you are unsure it is already on your computer, try this simple test which also includes a link to download it for free.
Does access to RehabModule give me ownership of the software?
No, RehabModule access entitles you to use the software, but you do not own the software.
What if I still have a question?
Please use our contact form for any other questions.

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