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Rehab Protocols
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RehabModule™ for Chiropractic provides chiropractors their own customized version of our software and offers their patients free 24/7 access to the same joint-specific rehab protocols both in and out of the clinic.
Get Started $149
Part 1: Set-up
Specify the clinic name and Web address (or phone number) to be used in your customized version of RehabModule.
Professional Demo
Pay from $395. This fee includes the set-up and hosting of your customized rehab Web page.
Part 2: Patient access
Patients access your rehab Web page for free at your clinic. You provide patients with a Rehab Rx (Sample) to use your rehab Web page outside of the clinic.
Patients have free 24/7 access to your rehab Web page from home, work or on the road.

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Side Bends

Customized rehab Web page
Your customized rehab Web page, featuring RehabModule software, exclusively shows your selected name in the menu bar.
Web hosting included
Your rehab Web page will be hosted at
8 Chiropractic rehab protocols
All 8 of our joint-specific rehab protocols are contained within the customized RehabModule software hosted at your rehab Web page.
Your Rehab Rx form
You will receive a printable Rehab Rx form (Sample) featuring your selected name and address of your rehab Web page to provide to your patients.
Promotes your existing Web site
If you have your own Web site, we will provide an entry point to your rehab Web page from your existing site AND include a link to your site from within the RehabModule menu.

Don't have a Web site? We can include your phone number in the RehabModule menu instead (or see our custom application section to learn how we can develop a Web site for you).
$395 Gets you everything
Your total RehabModule cost is only $395. This gives up to 5 healthcare providers unlimited use with their patients in and out of the clinic.
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For Professionals

Educational content that can make a meaningful difference in patient outcomes
A reliable tool that saves the busy clinician valuable time
Effectively markets your practice while building positive PR value

For Patients

Complicated rehab becomes easy to understand and improves patient confidence
Biomechanically correct exercises that reduce the chance of injury or reinjury
Internet based resource provides patients with free 24/7 convenience

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